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Please complete the information below completely. It is very important. Your exam is open book; you may look up any question of which you are not sure. Take it at a time and place that is convenient to you. You can take it in a number of sessions, or you can take it all at once. You may take as much time on it as you need. ABRC® will grade your examination the same day that it is received.. 70% is required to pass. You can miss up to 8 questions and pass. For your convenience, immediately upon your course completion, ABRC® will directly transmit the required proof to completion to the State of Illinois Insurance Department. You will NOT need to send any proof of completion to the Illinois Insurance Department yourself. ABRC® will provide you a "Certificate of Completion" for your personal and/or company records. ABRC® will also call you with your results. Please call ABRC® at 1-800-654-2272 if you have any questions or problems. Our fax number is 1-217-753-1574.
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  2):  A  B  C  D 
  3):  A  B  C  D 
  4):  A  B  C  D 
  5):  A  B  C  D 
  6):  A  B  C  D 
  7):  A  B  C  D 
  8):  A  B  C  D 
  9):  A  B  C  D 
10):  A  B  C  D 
11):  A  B  C  D 
12):  A  B  C  D 
13):  A  B  C  D 
14):  A  B  C  D 
15):  A  B  C  D 
16):  A  B  C  D 
17):  A  B  C  D 
18):  A  B  C  D 
19):  A  B  C  D 
20):  A  B  C  D 
21):  A  B  C  D 
22):  A  B  C  D 
23):  A  B  C  D 
24):  A  B  C  D 
25):  A  B  C  D



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