Insurance Producer Exam Information

Illinois Insurance License Examination Information

The Illinois State Insurance Producer Examinations administered by Pearson VUE are very detailed, technical, thorough examinations. The State of Illinois requires Pre-License Education of all new insurance producers prior to taking the examination. ABRC® is a professional, expert insurance training consulting firm offering two highly structured, intense Illinois State certified seminar/webinar programs. One program covers Life and/or Accident and Health Insurance. The other covers Property and/or Casualty insurance. Each seminar/webinar program teaches the individual all he or she needs to know to pass the State Insurance Licensing Examinations and satisfy all State of Illinois insurance Pre-License Education requirements to become an insurance agent/broker. Most importantly, the individual gains knowledge that will make him or her a more confident, enthusiastic and successful insurance producer.

It is recommended that at least 25 hours be allowed for review after an ABRC® seminar/webinar and before the exam. Each person will be instructed at his/her ABRC® seminar/webinar as to exactly what and how to review. It is recommended that the exam be taken within 2 weeks after the seminar/webinar.

The Illinois Insurance Producer Examinations given by Pearson VUE are given on various dates at various locations. A reservation to sit for the examination must be made well in advance. Pearson VUE exam reservations may be made by telephone at 1-800-274-0402 or at the Pearson VUE website.

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