Insurance Producer Exam Information

Illinois Insurance License Examination Information

The Illinois State Insurance Producer Examinations are administered by a testing company named Pearson VUE. The exams are very detailed, technical, and thorough. The State of Illinois requires Pre-License Education of all new insurance producers prior to taking the examination. ABRC® is a professional, expert insurance training firm offering two highly structured, intense Illinois State certified seminar/webinar programs. One program covers Life and/or Accident and Health Insurance. The other covers Property and/or Casualty insurance. Each seminar/webinar program teaches the individual all he or she needs to know to pass the State Insurance Licensing Examinations and satisfy all State of Illinois insurance Pre-License Education requirements to become an insurance producer. Most importantly, the individual gains knowledge that will make him or her a more confident, enthusiastic, and successful insurance producers.

The Illinois Insurance Producer Examinations given by Pearson Vue may be taken either online or at test centers at various locations or at Pearson Vue centers in other states outside of Illinois. One of the first steps when registering for the exam is to select if the test-taker wishes to take the exam online or at a test-center.

Reservations for test center examinations must be made in advance. Registrations for online exams, may be in advance, or if a person is able to comply with the online requirements, they can start testing immediately. Some of the requirements for online testing include a system test on the computer upon which the exam is to be taken, making sure the test-taker has proper ID and staying within webcam view during the entire exam session without breaks. Also, the test-taker will be given instruction of how the room where the test-taker is taking the exam must be prepared as well as required test-taker behavior during the test.

There is an exam for Property insurance, an exam for Casualty insurance, an exam for Life insurance, and an exam for Health insurance. Each exam has two parts. Part I general covers insurance terms, principles of insurance, policies, and policy provisions. Part II covers State Laws and Regulations. If a person registers for both Part I and Part II of an exam in one registration order the fee is $92 for both parts. If a person registers for each part in separate registration orders, the fee is $92 for Part I and another $92 fee for Part II.

To Register For A Pearson Vue State Examination
To register for a Pearson Vue examination either call 1-800-274-0402 or go to

Examination Cancellation/Rescheduling
There are no cancellation refunds for online exams. For test-center exams, a person can reschedule or cancel for a refund 48 hours in advance.

Score Reports
Score reports are sent to the test-takers Pearson Vue registration account.To view the score report the test-taker logs into their Pearson Vue registration account.

Rescheduling Failed Exams
If someone fails the exam and they want to retest the part they failed, they can schedule an online re-examination immediately. There is a wait time of 24 hours to schedule a test center re-examination. Same fees that apply to testing for the first time apply to re-examinations.

Disability Special Accommodations/Foreign Language Translation
If a test-taker needs special accommodations due to disability or examination translation to other languages, request can be made directly to Pearson Vue.

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