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Property/Casualty Insurance
Complete 2 Full Year Insurance Continuing Education 
(Also approved for Illinois Funeral Director Continuing Education)

Most of the following Property/Casualty insurance self-study programs have been certified by the Illinois Department of Insurance for 12 hours of Illinois Insurance Continuing Education Credits. Please see specific information on each course. Some of the courses are also certified for Continuing Education Credit for Illinois Funeral Directors. Contact ABRC at 800-654-2272 for specific information. Additional fees may apply for additional certification. Each course allows you the opportunity to gain substantial knowledge while satisfying continuing education requirements quickly and conveniently.

P/C 003 - Property/Casualty Principles
  • 8 hours credit
  • Define Basic Insurance Terms
  • Describe Parts of a Typical Insurance Policy
  • Explain How Insurance Serves the Public
  • Understand the Government as an Insurer
P/C 005 - Commercial Property Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Commercial Package Policy (CPP)
  • Building and Personal Property Coverage
  • Commercial Condominium, Builders Risk, Time Element
  • and Other Coverage's
  • Basic, Broad, Special and Earthquake Causes of Loss
P/C 006 - Commercial General Liability Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Basic Principles of Legal Liability
  • Occurrence and Claims Made Coverage's
  • Coverage's A, B, C and Supplementary Payments
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage
  • as Part of the CPP Policy
P/C 007 - Homeowner Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Basic Principles of Homeowner Insurance
  • Homeowners Policy Detailed Discussion
  • Homeowner 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 Policies
  • Personal Liability Coverage
P/C 008 - Dwelling Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • DP-1 Basic Form Detailed Discussion
  • DP-2 Broad Form Detailed Discussion
  • DP-3 Special Form Detailed Discussion
  • Selling Dwelling Insurance Policies
P/C 011 - Personal Inland Marine and Watercraft Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Personal Inland Marine Coverage
  • Personal Article Floater
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Yacht Insurance
P/C 012 - Umbrella Liability Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Legal Liability and Umbrella Policies
  • Provisions, Exclusions and Conditions Common to
  • Umbrella Liability Policies
  • Personal Umbrella Liability Policy
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Policy
P/C 014 - Commercial Crime Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Commercial Crime Coverage General Policy Provisions
  • Burglary, Robbery and Theft Coverage
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction Coverage
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage
P/C 015 - Commercial Inland Marine Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • General Principles of Inland Marine Insurance
  • Transportation Coverage
  • Bailee, Equipment, Business, Dealer and
  • Miscellaneous Floater Policies
P/C 017 - Workers Compensation Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Basic Principles of Workers Compensation
  • and Employer Liability
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage
  • Employer Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Other States Insurance
  • Policy Conditions
P/C 018 - Commercial Auto Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Business Auto Coverage Definitions and Conditions
  • Business Auto Liability Coverage
  • Business Auto Physical Damage Coverage
  • Business Auto Coverage as Part of the CPP
P/C 019 - Business Income Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Basic Principles of Business Income
  • and Extra Expense Coverage's
  • Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage Forms
  • Endorsements
  • Identifying Loss Exposures and Selling
P/C 020 - Personal Auto Coverage
  • 12 hours credit
  • Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Universal Motorist Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
P/C 021 - Legal Concepts and Doctrines
  • 9 hours credit
  • The Difference Between Criminal Law and Civil Law
  • Elements of Legal Contracts
  • Court Procedures When Litigating a Claim
  • Describes Hierarchy of Federal Court System
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